WSET Level 1

The Liquor Studio is a WSET Approved Programme Provider (APP) and is certified to offer up to the WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits, accredited by OfQual. 

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The WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits is suitable for new hospitality workers with little knowledge of the wide world of spirits alongside those looking to pursue an interest in spirits. WSET Level 1 helps to provide a hands-on introduction to spirits, exploring the main styles & types of spirits through the senses of sight, smell & taste. This develops integral skill in order to understand flavours & aromas alongside the factors that may affect them.


At the end of the course you’ll have developed an understanding of spirit production processes like distillation and fermentation; Gin, Rum; Whiskey; Tequila; Cognac and more!


Studying your WSET qualifications at the Liquor Studio provides you with an engaging experience unlike any other with access to working stills; a vast library of spirt books to help you study and a team with decades of experience to bring your learning experience to life.

Your WSET qualifications will teach how to taste spirits like a professional; how spirits are actually made; what makes each spirit different from another (even in the same category) and more.

Course Overview

WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting for Spirits: Learn how to taste spirits like a true professional using WSET’s globally recognised approach.

Spirits Production: Learn how some of the world’s most famous spirits are created and how these processes impact the final product.

Fruit-based Spirits: This course introduces you to tasting Cognac, the most famous of the French Spirits (of which there are many)!

Grain-based Spirits: The course also introduces you to blended Scotch & American Bourbon, discussing the differences between the two. The course also looks at grain-based vodkas to understand what goes to create the world’s most famous spirit.

Vegetable-based Spirits: Be introduced to one of the world’s most popular spirits – Rum! Explore the differences between Aged & White rum alongside a look at the origins of Tequila, one of Mexico’s biggest exports.

Gin & Co: Explore what makes Gin one of the most popular and versatile spirits on the market today.

Tasting Samples: Over the course, you will taste a minimum of 9 individual spirits with a few extras along the way based on the tangents we may undoubtedly touch upon!

Course Specification: This can be downloaded here. It is recommended that students look over the course specification prior to enrolment and should familiarise themselves with it.

Course Materials: All students are sent a comprehensive WSET textbook as part of their course to aid learning and revision.

Course Duration: At the Liquor Studio, we can provide a range of course options that range from 1 day intensive courses to courses that are spaced over several weeks/sessions. Courses run for the public will state over what time scale the courses will run over. Private courses for groups & corporate clients can be adjusted to suit the needs of the students.

Examinations: The WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits Exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions that must be completed within 45 minutes. A score of 70% is required to secure a pass.

Certification: All students that pass the course will be provided with an official WSET Certificate and qualification approved by OFQUAL and given a WSET lapel pin.

Please email us with any queries or to book/register your interest.

Course Cost: £165 per person

Upcoming Dates:

5th October 2021