WSET Level 2

The Liquor Studio is a WSET Approved Programme Provider (APP) and is certified to offer up to the WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits, accredited by OfQual. 

WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits is suitable for:

– Hospitality workers with limited knowledge of the wide world of spirits 

– Serious spirit enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge base.

– People looking to gain key insight into the world of cocktails and mixed drinks. 

WSET Level 2 helps to provide a strong foundation of knowledge that goes to develop confidence in spirits & can help in providing outstanding service to guests. The Level 2 award is integral to those seeking to establish a career within the drinks industry with specialist knowledge valued more than ever within such a competitive industry.

The world of spirits is captivating with huge variations of spirits available across the globe, all influenced by local culture & tradition. The WSET Level 2 acts as a fun & interactive course that provides insight into this world, finished off with a formal assessment. This opportunity is essential for drinks & spirit enthusiasts looking to increase their knowledge base; to taste a broad range of spirits and understand their nuances, differences and similarities when examined together.


Studying your WSET qualifications at the Liquor Studio provides you with an engaging experience unlike any other with access to working stills; a vast library of spirt books to help you study and a team with decades of experience to bring your learning experience to life.

Your WSET qualifications will teach how to taste spirits like a professional; how spirits are actually made; what makes each spirit different from another (even in the same category) and more.

The courses can take a day up to a week of learning with an examination at the end of your course. Passing the course will provide you with an OFQUAL-accredited qualification recognized around the world.

Course Overview

WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting for Spirits: Learn how to taste spirits like a true professional using WSET’s globally recognised approach.

Spirits Production: Learn how some of the world’s most famous spirits are created and how these processes impact the final product.

Fruit-based Spirits: This course enables you to taste a range of fruit-based spirits from basic brandies to Armagnacs & Cognacs; Italian Grappa to Peruvian Pisco & back again!

Grain-based Spirits: The course also covers a wide range of grain-based spirits, exploring the wide world of whiskies and discussing the nuances and complexities of a variety of vodkas.

Vegetable-based Spirits: Learn about one of the world’s most popular spirits – Rum with exploration of the different styles of spirits and their cultural influences. It doesn’t stop there as we look at Cachaca, Tequila and the more illustrious Mezcal!

Gin & Co: Explore what makes Gin one of the most popular and versatile spirits on the market today alongside other flavoured spirits of a variety of bases.

Liqueurs & Aperitifs/Bitters: You’ll learn all about a variety of liqueurs available on the market today and what makes them so special from herbal liqueurs through to fruit-based and cream liqueurs.

Tasting Samples: Over the course, you will taste a minimum of 29 individual spirits with a few extras along the way based on the tangents we may undoubtedly touch upon!

Course Specification: This can be downloaded here. It is recommended that students look over the course specification prior to enrolment and should familiarise themselves with it.

Course Materials: All students are sent a comprehensive WSET textbook as part of their course to aid learning and revision. 

Course Duration: At the Liquor Studio, we can provide a range of course options that range from a 2 day intensive course to courses that are spaced over several weeks/sessions. Courses run for the public will state over what time scale the courses will run over. Private courses for groups & corporate clients can be adjusted to suit the needs of the students.

Examinations: The WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits Exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions that must be completed within 1 hour. A score of 55% is required to secure a pass.

Certification: All students that pass the course will be provided with an official WSET Certificate and qualification approved by Ofqual and given a WSET lapel pin.

Course Cost: £355 per person.

Please email us with any queries or to book/register your interest.